Grow Your Healthcare Brand

Ghostwriting Services

With a work week of 62.5 hours, an average CEO is overworked and press for time. You may not be a CEO but you sure don’t have the time or patience to write content!

I can help you write what you want to write such that you take all the credit for it.

It could be regularly updating your blog, or providing you a limitless supply of content for your social media accounts.

Whatever you want to write but need someone else to do it, I can help you with it. The best part is you take all the credit.

Let me create Professional articles for you. Where you take all the credit

Blog posts and Articles

Every business needs a blog with engaging articles and content.
This is because blogging not only positions your health-care brand as a leader in the industry, when done professionally it can be a very effective marketing tool for your health services or product.

According to a research by Hubspot, businesses using blogs get 67% more leads than those who don’t.

This means If you don’t have a blog you cutting off potential clients.

What makes a blog standout in the Healthcare niche is content. If you can assure readers of better content that can may improve their health and lifestyle, they’ll keep coming to your blog repeatedly.

When you hire me to write your blog posts and Articles, you have guaranteed high quality, informative and engaging content for your site.

With my broad knowledge of the Healthcare niche I can write authoritatively on almost any topic in the Healthcare industry.

News-letters and Whitepapers

A survey by Blue Kangaroo showed that 70% of people contacted used a coupon or discount from a marketing email in the past week.

In essence your customers are using their email to make purchases, especially emails that contains a call to action.
A well scripted newsletter is a winning strategy for your business. Successful email campaigns can bring in profits as much as $38 per $1 spent.
In addition,
Even when you are not selling to your Email list,newsletters connect with your customers on a very personal level, turning them into loyal fans.

A very subtle way of making your clients see you as highly professional and scientific is to publish whitepapers. In addition whitepapers can be used to build your email list, especially if you give away the white paper as a gift in exchange for email addresses.

I will do all the hard work work for you by researching and writing, what you then get is converting emails with high click through rates (CTR) and world class whitepapers. The only thing you need to do is hire me.

Case studies, ebooks, ecourses, and product brochures

Information products are a passive but potent marketing tool. Case studies are an effective way of demonstrating the impact of health issues. Ebooks make your content travel beyond the internet, influencing your customers even when they are offline. E-courses make your health brand rank higher above others . A product brochure gives give your client a lot of information at once and they’re very easy to distribute. 83% of your prospective Client will consult Case studies, E-books, product brochures and other information products when they want to make a buy decision.

Make it easier for people to patronize your brand by regularly producing these e-resources. You can hire me to make this happen for you.

Guest Posts

Networking with established authorities in the Healthcare industry is a very powerful way of increasing web traffic to your site. Imagine being featured on Popular health blogs, where’s over 100,000 people visit regularly. When you hire me, I will write top notch ghost-written guest posts promoting your brand. This post will be featured on these popular websites.

Content Strategy

Healthcare evolution is so rapid that brands that don’t stay up-to-date will soon fold up. Content Marketing still ranks as the best approach in staying ahead of your competition. AOL discovered that 27 million pieces of content are shared every day. Give your brand a significant strategic advantage by hiring me to develop your content strategy. I can also execute this strategy across different platforms single-handedly or in collaboration with your team.

Landing Page Content

Your landing Page is the most important part of your site. It is the only Chance you get at a first impression.Your average site visitor has an attention span of 8 seconds, so you have less than that amount of time to impress your visitor.
There’s a fail proof way of writing landing Page content that can I use that will keep your visitors engaged.
I can also optimize your landing pages so that it will rank higher in SERP. In essence, When you hire me you give a boost to your landing page